A study by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami found that after five weeks, a group of 28 employees who had twice-weekly, 15–minute massages in the office fared better than a control group of 24 employees who were just told to close their eyes and relax. The massaged group experienced reduced stress and improved performance, while the control group did not.


— American Institute of Stress

Why Chair Massage? 

It connects a person’s various internal attitude; mental, physical and emotional to bring deep relaxation and centering. My holistic approach is what makes me memorable at corporate events.  

Chair massage promotes productivity among employees because it reduces some of the barriers to productivity. Reduced stress levels allow employees to focus on their tasks and interact more positively with colleagues.

With as little as 15-20 mins employees experience an immediate and lasting sense of physical and mental well-being.

I am professionally certified and insured according to individual state regulations.


I bring in all of our equipment to create a relaxing ambiance (i.e. aromatherapy, music, led candles, heat therapy, and immunity boosting beverage shots).   

We provide mobile services for: 

  • Corporate Meeting

  • Client Entertainment 

  • Corporate Networking

  • Health and Wellness Fairs

  • Office Parties

  • Conventions

  • Trade Shows

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Employee Recognition

  • Sports Events

  • Golf Tournaments


Our fees vary per hour with a minimum of 3 hrs, please request a quote for ALL events by clicking the link below. Events that require more then one Massage Therapist can be accommodated by contacting our Corporate Wellness Concierge Team today.

Busy life? Can't come to us? We understand, that is why we bring everything to you!  We create a relaxing wellness experience in your home

Treatment add-ons available:

15 min Reiki 
15 min Reflexology
Essential oils
Hot Stones
Express Facial
Waxing services