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Latoya obtained her BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice in 2004 and spent several years working in the social work field before she decided to change her career path. In 2008 She enrolled in the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy to fulfill her passionate to help others and her personal battles with skin sensitivity. 


Latoya is a Certified Massage Therapist and Esthetician with over 16 years of experience. After graduating at the top of her class and voted most to success by her instructors and fellow peers, Latoya worked for two leading holistic spas in Brookline  before going into private practice. In 2016 she was hired by Whole Foods Market South End as the Lead Massage Therapist. In 2017 she was granted the opportunity to teach part-time as a massage therapy technique Instructor where she started her studies in Medford, Ma. Read more about Latoya by visiting her LinkedIn page (click here)


MEET Omari Anderson

Personal Trainer

Omari's background is wide and diverse. He attended UCLA graduating with honors in Economics and Philosophy.  After his 4 1/2 year stay in finance, Omari’s health was suffering from severe fatigue, insomnia and lethargy, so he left the industry to work on his own health.  Initially his diagnosis was adrenal dysfunction and chronic fatigue syndrome.  But later, after numerous tests and countless doctors, discovered that he had Lyme Disease.

After struggling with his own personal health challenges, he decided to dedicate his life to health and fitness, work on his own health and started a new career to help others. Omari is now an holistic health leader in the fitness company focusing on personal training, nutrition, holistic life coaching, public speaking, and fitness modeling,.


Personal Trainer
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