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What to Expect From A Back Facial

If you’re going on holiday, you’ve got a special occasion coming up or you just want to feel great, why not try a back facial or ‘Bacial’? Even though you can’t see the skin on your back, it still deserves the same care and attention you would give the skin on your face.

Back facials are a great way to give your hard to reach areas a spring clean, and there are different types of treatment offered for whatever your skin needs. If you are dealing with clogged pores, acne, or even dehydrated skin elsewhere on your body, the chances are that you also have it on your back and a back facial will help to make the skin on your back look and feel great! Ask your esthetician for advice on what’s best for your skin type.

A bacial is given its popular nickname for a reason; many of the different techniques used in a traditional facial are replicated in a back facial so you can expect to be offered a treatment which incorporates everything from deep cleansing and extractions to deeply cleansing purifying masks and a massage.

What happens in a back facial?

Back facials are good for those who suffer from acne
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Back facials are predominantly about cleansing and purifying, and so they are especially good for you if you suffer from back acne. The skin on your back can also have an uneven skin tone, rough texture, and suffer the effects of muscle tension. Untreated tension can really slow down the blood circulation in the area, and this leads to even more skin problems.

A Bacial treatment will normally start with your back being steamed gently to open your pores and lift out impurities. While the steam deeply cleanses and soften your skin, it also feels relaxing as it helps to de-stress and soothe your back muscles.

This is then followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation to remove dead skin cells that have built up, leading to acne, dull skin and dehydration. If you have any blockages in your pores after the steam treatment, these are extracted once your back is nice and relaxed and your pores are open.

The next stage of your treatment usually involves a corrective masque to detoxify, deeply cleanse and hydrate your back skin. This will be tailored to your individual skincare needs.

You might be offered other elements of a normal facial like a toning spray (to balance the pH) and a moisturizing serum or treatment oil to soften, nourish and protect your skin.

These days, skin treatments that have been previously reserved for the face such as glycolic peels and dermabrasion are also available as part of a back facial so don’t be afraid to ask if you’d like to try something different.

A massage usually completes the treatment, giving you a relaxing boost to your circulation and helping to remove any build-up of toxins.

A back facial can be as individual as a traditional facial, so always tell your esthetician of your skin concerns or any areas you particularly think need attention, and she will be able to give your back the beautifying Bacial you deserve.

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