The neck massager features two soft silicon golf-like balls. Rolling the balls smoothly in your neck and shoulders deeply penetrate the muscles for instant relief of knots and tight achy muscles.

The massager relieves pain through applying direct pressure and massaging your trigger points at your neck and shoulders.  It massages, squeezes, and kneads away all tensions and pain.


It increases blood circulation and alleviates sore muscles. It also relieves tension, fatigue, neck stiffness, and neck pain. It even promotes healing for sprains, migraines and tension headaches.


You can give yourself a vigorous and deep massage at home, in your office or school, or while being on the road. Slender and lightweight.


Material: Plastic

Size:  34 x 17 x 5cm

Color: pink/blue/green

Weight: 240 g


Neck Massage and Trigger Point Therapy Roller

SKU: 1116