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Holistic Skincare Services


Friends in Spa


  • Eyebrow Design & Maintenance          $18

  • Wax and Henna Fill

  • Upper Lip                                                       $10

  • Underarms                                                   $20

  • Bikini Waxing                                                $30 ​

*We use hard and soft wax.  



  • Body Contouring Consultation                    $20

This in office or virtual 25 min consultation is a opportunity to learn about our services and how they can help you feel and become a better version of yourself! Body contouring can be a life-changing experience that may enhance your appearance, as well as your inner well-being.

  • 360 Sculpt and Tighten                                   $275

This service helps to reduce water retention, decrease fat accumulation and help your body to remove toxins. The cellulite treatment breaks up the connective tissue that creates the fatty pockets. Breaking up the connective tissue smooths out the skin, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing look. You will feel energized and rejuvenated. You are massaged with our special herbal oil containing essentials. This is a FULL Body service.

Areas of focus:

  • Abs

  • Arms

  • Back (Below Bra Area)

  • Butt

  • WoodSculpt                                                        $100/ 30 mins

We use several wooden massage therapy tools to stimulate circulation and the breakdown of fat. Wood therapy is an alternative method to help improve muscle tone, diminish cellulite, reduce localized fat, and reduce body circumference.

 Areas of Focus:

  • Abs

  • Arms

  • Back (Below Bra Area)

  • Butt

  • Inner Thighs ​

  • Wrap & Go Slimming Service.                           $75

Enjoy a ginger infused salt scrub or a coffee scrub, followed by a sauna treatment to decease water weight. Service ends with  a natural herbal infused slimming wrap to further release toxins in the body, replenish the skin and improve the tone. appearance of the skin.

  • Add-ons avaliable 

  • Non-invasive RF lipo/cavitation.                        $90 (30 mins, one area)

  • Wood therapy                                                     $50 (15 mins, one area)

Image by engin akyurt


  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial   $130/ 70 mins

Our deep pore cleansing facial helps to improve texture, firmness and decreases inflammation. Service includes a 10 min consultation. 

Treatment steps consist of the following:

  • Deep pore cleansing

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions

  • Massage

  • Toning and hydration

  • High frequency red light

  • Special Mask

  • Cream/serum

  • This service is recommended monthly to maintain a radiant, healthy and naturally growing skin. ​

  • The more consistent you are about taking care of your skin, the less money and time you will spend on makeup and other enhancements. Beauty enhancements are fun and give you many options to express your creativity, however learning to avoid products that clog and cause irritation to your skin. Your skin is a protector and billboard!

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