Massage Therapy Treatments

Neck Massage

Structural Integration Deep Tissue Massage $165/75 mins, $190/90 mins

Our neuromuscular therapy is a unique method to restore balance and relieve tension immediately and focuses on re-alignment. Treatment involves firm pressure so that deeper layers of muscle tissue,and myofascia release therapy. Beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

*First time clients are encouraged to schedule a 90 min session, to address the entire structure and function of your body. 

Relaxation Massage $170/75 mins, $190/90 mins 
Treatment involves re-connecting the mind and body with firm but gentle revitalizing strokes. Beneficial for specific joint pain and acute muscle fatigue.

​*First time clients are encouraged to schedule a 90 min session, to address the entire function of your body. 


Serenity Signature Massage  $260/120 mins

Treatment involves the use of myofascia release therapy, stretching, and mind clearing techniques aimed to revitalize your body. The session ends with a foot massage, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. A custom herbal oil is used specifically to address your individual need.


Prenatal Massage $165/ 75 mins, $185/90 mins

Recommended for expectant mothers. Prenatal massage is a treatment aimed at alleviating pregnancy related symptoms. The soothing essence of massage allows expectant moms to unwind and feel serene, healthy and comfortable during a period of added physical and emotional stress. Stretching is performed to open the pelvic area and upper body to relieve the pressure from side sleeping position. 

Couples Massage $340/75 mins, $380/90 mins   
Relax and escape with a friend or loved one, a perfect way to enjoy some quality time together! Enjoy a relaxing massage experience with your choice of music and aromatherapy.
*We schedule our couples massages during the weekend only and you must call or email us to scheduled.

Neck, Shoulders & Back Rapid Release $95/45 mins
This service is focused on  releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and back muscles by using my very own trigger point therapy method. This service will promote deep relaxation by speeding up circulation to nourish and repair the tissue. This treatment is highly effective for TMJ tension, headaches, limited range of motion, stiff neck, rotator cuff injuries, poor concentration, sprains, etc.


Full Body Steam Sauna Service $20/up to 15 mins, $30/up to 30 mins 

Improves circulation. Sitting in a steam tent will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Promotes skin health by detoxifying toxins from the body. Aids in workout recovery, the heat soothes your nerve endings and relaxes your muscles, therefore relieving tension. The steam sauna burns calories. *** We provide a sauna tent and a sauna blanket for your choice of service.

Reiki (Energetic Bodywork) $100/50 mins

What is Reiki? Reiki healing technique based on the principle that the service provider can channel energy thru their hands in activating the natural healing processes of the parasympathetic nervous system to restore physical and emotional well-being. Service is performed with clothing on, Client is laid on a warm table, essential oils are used to help ground you, singing bowls and calming tools are used throughout service.  I can ONLY accept 1 Reiki client a day.


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Couple Meditating