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All Inclusive, Everyone Is Welcomed!

Everyone Is Welcome Here!

It seems like a great time to make the point that as far as we are concerned, this is an all-welcome, judgement free zone. There has been too much in the news in recent times about setting people apart so we just want to make it very clear to all of our current and potential clients that we will treat everyone with respect at our establishment, and we welcome diversity in all its many faceted types. If you have any specific concerns about your treatment with us, or don’t know what to expect, just call in or drop us a message and we’ll be happy to talk you through anything that’s concerning you. We are happy to work with all body types and needs, and don’t judge on age, body type and size or sexuality. Naturally, we want to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for all of our clients; judgmental attitudes or treatment are not conducive to an atmosphere of relaxation.

We aim to be as helpful as possible and communication is key to helping us get to know who we are working with. Some services may need to be changed to suit your specific needs. We hope that whatever your age, race, sexuality, gender or ability status, you’ll book a treatment with us soon – we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and anything we can do to help is a bonus.

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