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Back to School, Back to Self-Care for Parents, Teachers and Students

Summer is almost over and we’re thinking of getting back to school after a break. So, with the year hurtling towards winter again, how can we take care of ourselves, whether we’re a student, a parent or a teacher?

Be Positive

It’s important to think of the start of the new school year as a good thing, whether you’re the child returning to lessons, a mom or a teacher. If you have kids going to a new school, encourage them by talking about new beginnings, and new friends. Moms, plan ahead for me-time if the thought of having a quiet home again fills you with dread rather than optimism. Book the spa day you’ve been planning; get the massage or facial treatment you’ve put off over the summer and make time for you.

Teachers probably need to fill up on self-care before the lessons begin. Making sure you get enough sleep and take care of your wellbeing before you start school again will set you up for a more positive start to the next school year.

Go Outside

Summer isn’t over just because the school bell has rung! Make the most of what’s left of the good weather and get out in the sunshine (with plenty of sun screen of course; the sun is still strong in August and September). If you can walk with the kids to school, ditch the car and get some exercise in before lessons. Get out and about at weekends so that the summer vibes are carried on as long as possible and combine the fresh air with fitness too.

Walking to school works just as well for teachers, if you’re cooped up all day indoors, getting that burst of energy first thing will set you up for the day and stop you feeling depleted of energy by lunchtime. If you’re really keen, why not take a detour through a park and take kids to chase or a kettlebell to get the heart going?

Take Care of your Mental Health

Students going back for important years at college or school can start to feel the stress build, as can their parents and teachers. Try to encourage teens out of their bedrooms and get them off social media to avoid even more stress build up, even when they have tests coming up.

Tempt the teens outside with a walk, even if there’s shopping or ice-cream involved, or book a relaxing massage for you both to de-stress. The younger ones might enjoy a splash in a lido or pool to let off some steam. Try a spa day just for you if you’re exhausted yourself or book in for a massage to combat kid-related stress. Teachers really need to look after their own mental health – a stressed out teacher is no use to anyone, so now could be the time to suggest yoga or meditation sessions in school. Even simple mindfulness techniques can help to calm parents, teachers and kids dealing with difficult times at school.

Remember it’s a new beginning – make the most of the next academic year!

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