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Distance Reiki Session

A distance healing allows the person receiving the healing to be anywhere in the world. It is preferred that the client can be in a peaceful, relaxed setting to best be able to take in the healing energy. The healing lasts for about an hour.

I combine Reiki and guided meditation for transformational clearing of physical, emotional and mental challenges. After a session one generally feels deep clarity, centered, calmness, confidence, strength, joy, peace, relief of pain and tension.



It's generally best to receive three to five Reiki treatments one to two weeks apart. Once you see yourself improving you can space out treatments to one month or six weeks apart. Receiving regular Reiki treatments is excellent self-care and helps you to maintian holistic balance.

Energy Healing Session Offerings

By Skype or by Phone

Sessions are approx. 45 Minutes

Once payment has been sent you will be contacted to schedule a time.

For locals, sessions can be done in person at Serenity Wellness Massage, 343 Medford Street Suite 4A Somerville, 02145

Feel welcomes to contact me directly with any questions or schedule a complimentary 15 min Reiki session with me by emailing

Special holiday rates for distance Reiki are available now from November 28th to December 24th.

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