Help! Latoya What is This Pain I Feel?

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I am often asked by new clients, how often should they come in for a treatment. The million dollar question! I wish I truly had a concrete answer for you, however you have the answer(s) and only you know your lifestyle better than anyone else. Here are some intervention questions that may give you some idea as to how many treatment sessions you will need or how often you should come in.

~How many hours do you work VS exercise weekly? ~Are your health concerns chronic or acute pain?  ~What is your food (fuel) intake diet consist of? How clean is your diet?  ~How often do you do a FULL internal cleanse? ~Are you ready to RELEASE it? The last question always requires clients to think more deeply on before answering, and it should! I do 30-40% of the work during treatments, and “you” do the majority of it (i.e. mentally, physically and emotionally). I wrote in my first blog that there is a process to “receiving” and it first starts in the command center (your BRAIN). It is a co-partnership during treatments but ultimately you decide whether you will leave the table rejuvenated. I LOVE what I do and if you have ever had a treatment with me, you’ve felt my energy! My intentions are to treat the condition in the time given however more then often I find that clients need longer sessions. The old saying goes, Rome was not built in one day and this my friend will take some time to release! Clients first have to be honest and realistic with themselves as to how many treatments are needed and how often. I find that my intuition always helps me make the right decisions so silent your “command center” and get in tune with your body!  With more then one treatment you gain more then you loose.

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