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How Does Massage Therapy Relate To Expressive Therapy?

Talk therapy is a way to work through problems and obstacles. Traditional therapy can be successful in many circumstances but may not work for everyone.

Some individuals may have difficulty putting their feelings into words.

Expressive therapy uses different modalities like music, art, or writing to help people work through depression, anxiety, and trauma. A trained therapist can help someone express themselves through art.

Expressive therapy helps someone tell the story of what they are going through and release pent-up feelings. It can also help someone develop awareness through self-expression.

Like expressive therapy, massage therapy can help someone release tension and pent-up feelings.

Massage is an art in itself and can help the body and the mind release tension and emotion. Massage helps heal the body and the spirit and in its way is an expressive therapy.

Relaxation and Pain Relief

Massage is known for its ability to facilitate relaxation. Working on a computer, reading, or repeatedly checking cell phones can make muscles tight and cause pain.

Some people may also suppress symptoms of a problem which can cause muscle tightness. Holding onto negative emotions causes pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Massage can release tension, relieve pain, and help with emotional well-being.

Human Touch

Many people, especially those struggling with mental or emotional well-being, feel isolated and alone. The careful touch of a massage therapist helps build a unique connection and relieve feelings of loneliness.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing to relieve discomfort. Touch can help those struggling with mental disorders not feel so alone and separated from the rest of society.

Massage therapy, like expression, helps the brain feel a sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Expressive therapy can be a very effective way to work through feelings that are hiding beneath the surface. Massage therapy can be just as effective at healing emotional trauma and anxiety through touch.

The connection to another human who is releasing their pain gives people strength and hope for the future.


Find your peace of mind and never allow anyone or thing to disturb it. Any pressing issues will manifest physcially and emotionally. Its all mental, guard it!

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