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First Massage? Here's Exactly What You Can Expect

Using massage therapy as a means of working thru physical, mental and emotional dis-eases to bring harmony and balance thru touch!

Stress can be defined in many ways, and depends on how it is perceived by the individual.

Massage therapy calms the nervous system and empowers us to respond from a grounded and balanced conciousness. Massage therapy is healthcare!

Welcome! Thank you for choosing my massage therapy practice for your first bodywork experience, it is an honor to be of service during this time. Massage therapy is a gentle reminder to yourself that it is okay to rest, be present and release whatever tension you may be feeling physically or mentally.

One IMPORTANT factor to know..... massage therapys is not a luxury nor a treat that you experience once or twice a year. Massage therapy is a essential to your overall wellbeing! Feeling more at ease in your body, more rested, increased mental clarity and and calm and grounded is what you deserve! The results that come with a consistent massage session are longterm.

Bodywork is about nurturing yourself back to balance, restoration. We all deserve to experience serenity!

Put your mind at ease beforehand so that you can fully enjoy your massage in the moment.

  1. Undressing is optional, however normal and you dress down to your comfort level.

  2. Stay hydrated! This will assist with the elimination of toxins during the massage service.

  3. Plan your workout beforehand! A Sports massage will help to length and increase flexibility.

  4. Taking an Epsom salt soak or a warm/hot shower before and after your massage session helps tremendously for inflammation and muscle regeneration benefits.

  5. Be present! Being in a meditative mind can enhances the experience and it allows your Massage Therapist to connect with you deeper. Your conscious breathing and the compassionate and skillful hands of our Therapist will help to calm your Central Nervous System.

  6. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Communicate your goals for the sessions, and expressing your needs while on the massage table.

7. No "caffeinate before your service, this may not be a pleasant experience for you and cause a increase in anxiousness or increased heart rate.

8. Don't eat a large meal.

9. Don't Apply Topical Medications, Patches or Tapes.

10. Don't take prescription pain medication before session.



Everyone should receive a restorative massage on a consistent monthly basis. The benefits of brushing your teeth are important and require more daily upkeeping if you enjoy eating. No different from massage therapy and personal training, the more consistent you are, the more you are mindful of your body and mind connection. We suggest scheduling a 90 min session so that more time is given to areas that may need more focus and attention. If you would like to book your first massage therapy session with me and recieve a more elevated relaxation experience, schedule an appointment using our booking link below.

You can schedule a massage therapy service or purchase a gift certficate by clicking HERE!

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