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Allowing The Mind To Be At Ease On The Massage Table

A massage therapy session should be a euphoric experience for the body and mind. This can occur in two ways; first, the receiver must allow their mind to be at ease. Recently, I've had some great laughs and conversations about this topic with several new clients. When the brain is overactive on the massage treatment table, the body can become "heavy" and restricted physically and energetically. Let me explain! Your brain is the command center, the Captain, so to speak, and it sends and receives messages ALL DAY long; however, the brain does not shut off due to the subconscious hanging out in the background to call the plays. If you have a challenging time relaxing and allowing others to assist you, it is best to do two crucial things the day of your massage session; yoga and meditation help! You want to get the most benefits from your massage therapy session, so be in a state of receiving and "allowing" the flow of nonresistance. The more you are disconnected from your thoughts and drift into deep relaxation, the you will have faster long-term results. Remember, massage therapy is not a luxury but a necessary complimentary service that allows the reconnection of the body, mind, and Spirit,

Second, allowing enough time on the massage table is very important! The more time you give to yourself to release tension allows for a pleasant experience. And fewer chances of injury! I educate new Clients about the misinterpretation of using "forcible pressure to calm the nervous system" at the start of service. This causes more inflammation, and the Client is reactively nervous about the "next " intense pressure. I say this often because if you are used to a fast, quick massage at the mall or an outdoor event (the sessions are usually under 10 mins). You may feel great when the massage therapist is attending to your sore, tight muscles, but as time goes on, you may feel pain or bruising from the "quick and deep pressure" service you received days before.

Finally, receiving consistent massage therapy services will send a clear and firm message to your brain; that you are physically changing and creating new habits for your body. The body transforms; however, you command it to; it will meet you to achieve your goals; however, first, you have to make a decision.

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