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Give Mom the Gift of Professional Skincare this Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again, and sometimes it can be hard to decide what to treat the most important woman in our lives to that will show her our REAL appreciation.

It’s easy to leave it until the last minute and grab some flowers, or chocolates and candies in a Mother’s Day-themed box. How unimaginative though? What’s more, if Mom hasn’t told you that she is going on a diet, you know you’ll end up eating her chocolates while she sighs enviously. Flowers are beautiful but short-lived. No, it’s time you put some real thought into getting something for Mom that she’ll absolutely love.

You may have to enlist help – does she already visit a spa or clinic to have professional beauty treatments? Find out where she goes, from Dad or a friend, and see if there are any great Mother’s Day offers on that you can treat her to. You could buy her a gift card so that she gets to book her own treatment, or you could have a look in the bathroom to see what professional beauty products she uses and see if you can get those for her.

Ask her esthetician what she recommends for a Mother’s Day gift. Many places have gift bags made up for the occasion with sample products and treats that will be really appreciated. Probably not the best idea to zoom straight in and buy her a course of anti-aging sessions, though. Even if she might book them herself, she might be a little insulted if YOU tell her she needs to look younger! If she’s been complaining about lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc. recently, a gift certificate to cover the cost of a lovely professional skincare treatment or facial might be in order.

You might want to offer a body treatment to your Mom for a Mother’s Day treat. There’s nothing nicer than being pampered and spoiled with a body polish or scrub, sweet smelling aromatherapy oils and lotions. It’s a safe bet that most moms will appreciate that for a gift; again, many professional skincare clinics and spas will have deals on to pamper moms at this time of year.

It’s probably a bad move to buy cellulite or fat reducing treatments as a gift, even if you know she’s been talking about wanting them. No woman wants to be told she needs to slim down! If you know it’s something on Mom’s wish list, though, find out how much they cost and get her a gift certificate for enough to cover the cost. That way, she gets have her treatment and then take the compliments on how young/slim/relaxed she’s looking!

Get into your Mom’s good books with a thoughtful, professional skincare gift this Mother’s Day and make her smile knowing you really care.


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