Meditation is Medicine for the Mind!

Meditation is known as medicine for the mind. Mental clarity is almost a foreign concept with everything coming into our personal space daily with every advancement in technology. meditation puts the ego to "sleep" while the soul consciousness awakens. I'm often asked "how do you meditate", well there is many ways, but I will only focus on two here. One way is to repeat a mantra or focused mediation. Find a place that is comfortable and quiet; light a candle for aromatherapy (optional). If you find it difficult to quiet the mind then start by taking a deep breath in and hold and then release it slowly while repeating "I find clarity in stillness". You may also hum while exhaling, and after several practices you will find that you are mediating. Another way of mediating is concentrating on an object in the room that gives you a sense of peace (picture of love ones). Whatever road you decide on to mediate, you will find that you feel more grounded and less worried about rushing to the next task. I find that I have less mental clutter and feel more rested. The art of allowing life to just be is freeing, isn't it great when life falls into place without you intruding? I know I'm not the only person that has experienced this! :) Everything is working to our benefit so relax and BE STILL. Every failure is a success you just haven't experienced the full story yet. Start with 5 minutes a day and increase it daily/weekly. You will get there, just have some patience with yourself, you're worth it!

Tips:  1. Meditate in the morning and throughout the day, write it into your calendar or set your phone alarm to remind you. 2. You can do this while waiting in traffic or walking home.  3. If you find that you just can't "wipe clean" the clutter in your head then ask yourself "how does this oppressive thought serve you"?

Watch the video below for some more insight to  the connection between the mind and body. ENJOY!

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