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Welcome Mothers, life holders...Goddesses!

Pregnancy is a sacred time for the mother and growing baby. During this time, your body goes through some many changes that it can be exciting and daunting simultaneously. The truth is, you can trust your self and body through this physiological process of birth. WE, as woman, are designed to create, transform, and deliver nature’s bundle. YOU can do this! The goal in prenatal massage is to help mothers to be find balance within her ever changing body. This can facilitate a healthy and happy pregnancy which can lead towards a healthy, calm and speedy birth. Trust that you have the courage to step through your fears and birth your baby into this world with confidence, in peace, and with love.

Yoga is a gentle practice to keep your body, mind and spirit nourished and healthy with a series of exercises that build both strength and flexibility to endure laboring.

Below is a link to yoga studios throughout Massachusetts. Yoga classes for kids of all ages, from babies to teens, as well as prenatal classes for soon-to-be moms from Boston Parent Paper. Click here ---->(

Below is a highly recommended prenatal yoga video from Shiva Rea, rated 4 stars by over 830 people for its modified variations for each trimester. I also own this video and used it throughout my pregnancy.

We will have upcoming events related to holistic prenatal self care, mind body weight loss, massage techniques for couples/singles, and infant massage.

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