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Seasonal Herbal Detox Cleanse

At the start of every season I do a 21-30 day herbal detox cleanse. This tradition has been a with me for me ever since I can remember; my earliest memories is age 7 years old. My parents would give my siblings and I "bitters" to drink before bed, and I remember gasping after every spoon full, because although we knew what to except; it was never a "easy" dose to swallow. What I do appreciate about our seasonal cleanse is that we did it as a family and we supported each other. Well lets just say that my siblings and I supported each other by complaining how much we disliked. As I aged I understood why our parents felt the need to keep use healthy, and to be honest we did not get sick during these herbal detox cleanse. We were given the medicinal detox for 7-10 days before bedtime. Fast forward to 2019, I have continued this tradition and as the year comes to an end I am thankful for the lessons of discipline and the patience of my body to flush out toxins.

If the number of days frighten you consider doing a 3 day cleanse instead and continue as you feel fit too. The goal is detoxing and living at our most optimum health! YES, we have the power to do it!  What we put into our body becomes apart of us, so it is vital that you eat clean GMO free wholefoods. With self discipline and commitment this cleanse will change your lifestyle completely. Your mind is a magic wand, so lets start to create everything your heart desires! We were designed for movement, this is why we have limbs. Exercise is a key factor to reduce stress and help us digest food and eliminate toxins from our organs.  The benefits of detoxing will directly affect the following organs. Liver recycles the chemicals in our body and eliminates unwanted components. It quarantines the toxic materials and sends it for elimination. Toxic materials will be stored in our body for quite a while before they are eliminated from our body. 

So why is seasonal detoxing important for our mental, emotional and physical health? Well lets look at the players involved, the body systems.

Lymph glands clean our body by removing toxins. The main lymph glands are located in the appendix, thymus, tonsil and spleen. The lymphatic glands help in isolating and eliminating toxins from our body. 

Kidneys keep the blood free of waste materials and play an important role in water management of the body. Kidneys are responsible for maintaining the composition of the blood. Drinking plenty of water daily helps kidney work smarter and helps flushing out more waste matter from the blood. 

Lungs supply fresh oxygen to blood and remove waste gas from the blood. Blood carries carbon dioxide or other gases to the lungs, from where it is sent out into the air. Breathing fresh air and practicing deep breathing exercises help in getting more fresh air to the blood. Practice deep breathing early morning and at areas that are less urbanized. 

Colon is the area of the body that deals with solid waste management. It is found that the colon can (unhealthily) hold mucus and solid waste materials in its walls. Detoxing colon ensures lesser instances of constipation and greater general health condition. 

Ok, so lets get serious about detoxing! First, we must challenge our belief systems surrounding food and replace them with positive thought replacements (i.e. Eat to live, eating clean is affordable because I am worth it, etc). Beliefs don't make us who we are our actions do! Belief system = thoughts in motion. Commit to disciplining your mind (the command center) and your emotions. Then come to terms with your current degenerative state of health, then you can move forward to reverse your condition and become healthier.

  I will be documenting my progress daily and will include a video log every third day until completion of the 21 day cleanse. Here is to US and our journey to living a long healthy life...cheers! 

Here is a helpful shopping list of food items you should consider.

+Want to join me or learn more about what I do personally, feel free to email with questions at

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